Our StrategySimple Program is a best practice, cost-effective facilitated strategic planning process that is straight forward and tailored to your needs. Our highly skilled facilitation engages participants and builds commitment to your strategy, which helps improve the effectiveness of your implementation.



  • Critical Path

    To ensure effective management of the process we provide a Gant chart outlining the key milestones, responsibilities and timelines.

  • Communication

    For those organizations that want to communicate the process to staff and/or stakeholders we provide a draft communication for your use and distribution.

  • Stakeholder Input

    To build support and gather additional insight to be used in the Planning phase of the process, we conduct an online survey of key stakeholders.

  • Survey Design

    Based on our understanding of your needs we develop a draft survey for your approval that includes any unique questions you requested.

  • Finalize Survey

    Based on your approval we finalize the online survey and provide an email communication to introduce the survey.

  • Launch Survey

    We launch the anonymous online survey via email to each stakeholder. Alternatively we can provide you with a link to the online survey and you can distribute it.

  • Administration

    Throughout the survey process we address questions from respondents regarding the survey or process.

  • Data Analysis

    We compile the confidential and anonymous responses and analyze the results.

  • Reporting

    The compiled, anonymous and unattributed results are analyzed and sent to you electronically in PDF and included in the Strategy Workbook for all participants.


  • Process Design

    As facilitators we design the process and incorporate a variety of tools such as SWOT, PEST, Core competencies, Balanced Scorecard, Hoshin planning, etc.

  • Agenda

    We provide a detailed agenda for the planning session that includes the meeting purpose, objectives, areas for discussion and associated process and time frames.

  • Strategy Workbook

    One week prior to the session we provide each participant with a Strategy Workbook. The Strategy Workbook includes the survey results, ground rules, decision-making process and agenda as well as any pre-reading materials.

  • Room Set-Up

    Based on the process and venue, we establish the room set-up to maximize interaction and the quality of the process.

  • Facilitation

    We facilitate the process in a collaborative manner that builds support. We keep the group on-track and on time and manage participant interaction so everyone is able to contribute and feels heard.

  • Note Taking

    We take flip chart notes throughout the process to ensure that we accurately capture the words and meaning of the discussion.


  • Draft Report

    The meeting notes are formatted into a draft report and sent to you electronically in PDF for your review and feedback.

  • Strategic Plan

    The input from the draft report is incorporated into the Final Strategic Plan and sent to you electronically in PDF.

  • Strategic Profile©

    In addition to the Strategic Plan, we also provide you with a one-page summary of your Strategic Plan that we call a Strategic Profile©.

  • Gantt Chart

    The Strategic Plan includes a Gantt chart, outlining the tasks, responsibilities and timelines for moving forward, assuming this was part of the planning session.

  • Communication

    The Strategic Profile© provides a communication and reference tool for management, board and stakeholders.


You can customize our StrategySimple© approach to your specific requirements by incorporating any, or all, of the following options.

  • Internal Assessment

    For a more detailed analysis of your organization and understanding of your resource capabilities we conduct an internal assessment using our Performer© tool.

  • Macro-Environmental Trends & Analysis (META)

    META is our proprietary survey tool that integrates several well-known analysis tools with our survey experience to allow you to quickly analyze and understand the macro-environment and the implications to your organization.

  • Stakeholder Input

    Additional stakeholder input is obtained beyond that provided in the initial survey through focus groups, interviews, town halls or online surveys.

  • Sub-group Analysis

    Our StrategySimple© program compiles the results for the survey into a single respondent group. Additional sub-groups are determined by you and included in our survey and reporting.

  • Client Action Meeting

    Our consultant facilitated session with your leadership/management team is undertaken to develop a realistic Management Action Plan (MAP) for implementing your strategy.

  • Management Action Plan (MAP)

    A customized electronic interactive MS Excel MAP, (tasks, timelines & responsibilities), is provided to you on a USB stick at the conclusion of the Client Action Meeting.

  • Facilitation

    Our StrategySimple© program provides one day of facilitation. Additional facilitation time is added to meet your requirements.

  • Commentary Analysis

    All comments from the survey are reported verbatim on an anonymous and confidential basis and are scrubbed for unique identifiers. Our qualitative data analysis software allows for greater depth of analysis and deeper insight.