Leaders are responsible for the direction and control of the organization and need to ensure accountability and continuity to those who use their services, their employees, regulators and other stakeholders. To do so requires clear and effective governance.

Governance provides the mandate, roles, structure, policies, processes and accountability for the members of boards, management teams and project teams to work effectively together. Our Governance services include:

  • Board Self-Assessments

    We develop, administer, compile, analyze and report the results of board self-assessments that are designed specifically for your circumstances.

  • Succession Planning

    Consultant facilitated sessions with your leadership/management team to establish a realistic Succession Plan that guides the leadership/ownership of your private business.

  • Policies

    We develop Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest policies specifically for the needs of your organization.

  • Project Structure & Charters

    We help establish mandates, structure, decision process, information flows and conflict resolution processes for multi-team projects.

  • Board Manuals

    We will develop detailed board manuals that include the necessary documentation for the governance of your organization.

  • Client Action Meeting (CAM)

    A consultant facilitated session with your leadership/management team to develop a realistic Management Action Plan (MAP) that guides the implementation of the outcomes from your board assessment or succession planning initiatives.

  • Management Action Plan (MAP)

    A customized electronic interactive MS Excel MAP, (tasks, timelines & responsibilities), is provided to you on a USB stick at the conclusion of the Client Action Meeting.

  • Orientation Process

    Whether it's a new board member or new employee the sooner he or she is fully up to speed the sooner he or she can contribute. We work collaboratively with you to develop, document and communicate and deliver orientation processes specific to your circumstances.