Almost any activity that takes place involves internal or external groups of people either making or informing decisions. Obtaining objective input from a group or facilitating a group were you also contribute to the discussion, can be extremely challenging. Not to mention the challenge of working with groups that have poor communication, conflict, power struggles, uneven participation, dominant personalities, apathy or just waste time.

Our Approach

Our approach is the fast, easy and cost-effective way to help a group, board or management team make better and more collaborative decisions. Our approach provides the options to allow you to customize the process and outcomes for your circumstances.


  • Project Launch

    We start by making sure we understand your circumstances and what you want to achieve.

  • Process Design

    Our approach includes the agenda, ground rules, decision-making process, roles & responsibilities and details of the facilitative tools used during each step of the process.

  • Room Setup

    Based on the process, the number of participants, room size and configuration; we outline the optimal room setup to achieve your meeting objectives.

  • Pre-Meeting Materials

    We provide a Meeting Workbook at least one week prior to the meeting. The workbook includes the information required by participants to effectively engage during the process.


  • Facilitation

    We facilitate the process in a collaborative manner that builds support. We keep the group on-track, on time and manage participant interaction so everyone is able to contribute.

  • Note Taking

    We take notes on flip charts throughout the process, ensuring that we accurately capture the words and meaning of the discussion.

  • Agility

    Throughout the meeting we make adjustments to the process when necessary to maintain participant engagement and ensure achievement of the meeting objectives.

  • Feedback

    We provide a one-page feedback form that enables participants to provide anonymous feedback on the meeting process and facilitator. The compiled results are reported to you.


  • Draft Report

    The meeting notes are formatted into a draft report and sent to you electronically in PDF for your review and feedback.

  • Final Report

    The input from the draft report is incorporated into the Final Report and is sent to you electronically in PDF.

  • Gantt Report

    If the process included the development of an action plan then we will include the information in a Gantt chart that includes tasks, responsibilities and timelines.


You can customize our approach to your specific requirements by incorporating any, or all, of the following options.

  • Focus Groups

    We design and conduct stakeholder focus groups, town halls and/or interviews to gather reliable and credible information, perform the analysis and provide insightful and easy to read reports.

  • Verbatim Reporting

    We utilize digital software recording equipment with multiple microphones to capture group discussions and transcribe those recordings into verbatim documentation provided to you in MS Word.

  • Qualitative Analysis

    We use qualitative data analysis software to provide greater depth of analysis and gain deeper insight from the verbatim dialogue.

  • Conflict Resolution

    We provide facilitative intervention to help resolve inter-personal and inter-group conflict.

  • Audience Response System

    We use audience response systems to anonymously capture and display real-time input from participants during meetings.

  • Stakeholder Surveys

    We design and administer surveys, gather and analyze data andprovide reports with meaningful interpretation of the results.

  • Management Action Plan (MAP)

    Your facilitated session can include the development of an interactive MAP, (tasks, timelines & responsibilities), which is provided to you on a USB stick at the conclusion of the process.