Performance Through Engagement

Improve Your Business Performance

Companies with high employee engagement scores have significantly better performance ...

  • Turnover

    -87% Employee turnover is reduced by 87%.
  • Absenteeism

    -37% Employee absenteeism is reduced by 37%.
  • Productivity

    +21% Employee productivity is improved by 21%.
  • Profitability

    +22% Business profitability is increased by 22%.
Engaged employees don't leave, they show up for work, they are more productive and improve your profitability.

An Engaged Workforce Improves Your Business Outcomes!

References: Harter, James K., Schmidt, Frank L., Agrawal, Sangeta and Plowman, Stephanie K., "The Relationship Between Engagement at Work and Organizational Outcomes." Gallop (February 2013). Corporate Leadership Council (2004). "Driving Performance and Retention through Employee Engagement: a quantitative analysis of effective engagement strategies." Corporate Executive Board. CBI-AXA (2007), Annual Absence and Labour Turnover Survey, as cited in MacLeod and Clarke (2009). Engagement and NPS in Serco (2011) AON Hewitt.

Realize Your Workforce Vision

Increase workforce productivity,
grow profit,
reduce absenteeism,
decrease turnover.

Estimate Your Return*

Optimizer helps you realize the benefits from your workforce vision.

Company Information (what you have achieved)

Workforce Vision (what you want to achieve)

Please include your goals for your workforce vision by answering the following questions:

Your Estimated Return

* Assumptions for these calculations are taken from public sources deemed to be reliable, but cannot be guaranteed and include The Conference Board of Canada, Statistics Canada, Cornell University, ww.workingdays.ca, various third party peer-reviewed journals and ABARIS Consulting’s proprietary pricing model. Disclaimer: The “Estimate Your Return”, is provided for information purposes only and shall not be deemed as or considered to constitute advice on, or as an offer, inducement or solicitation. The calculation of actual return is organization and situation specific and the assumptions made within the “Estimate Your Return” may not be representative of your organization and / or situation. Neither ABARIS Consulting nor its consultants guarantee that your organization will achieve similar results. ABARIS Consulting and its consultants disclaim any warranties or fit for a particular purpose.

Optimizer Features

Optimizer is designed specifically for your small & medium-sized enterprise.

  • Survey

    Valid online &/or paper anonymous survey that is customized to your requirements.

  • Groupings

    Filter survey results by unit, department, role, geography and specific to your needs.

  • Administration

    Survey invitation, reminder emails, response monitoring and response improvement.

  • Correlations

    Numeric correlations for each Driver of employee engagement.

  • Reporting

    Easy to understand reporting with actionable recommendations.

  • In-Person Review

    Practical interpretation of your engagement report that “brings your results to life”.

  • Action Plan

    ABARIS facilitates a ½-day action planning workshop.

  • Results Presentation

    ABARIS provides a presentation that guides your communication with employees.

  • PulseWatch

    Short & timely surveys to assess progress against specific Drivers.

  • Consulting Solutions

    ABARIS helps you design, implement, manage and sustain successful initiatives.

Optimizer Difference

Optimizer does not require your employees to ...

  • have extensive training in research or have established scientifically valid questions with correlation coefficients.
  • spend countless hours pouring over data to understand the nuances and uncover high-value opportunities.
  • determine the best approach to succesfully realize the business benefits from your analysis.

Optimizer does ...

  • Minimize the time and involvement of your staff so they can get on with their real jobs.
  • Provide reliable and valid engagement questions and the knowledge and expereince to interpret the nuances.
  • Focus your time and effort on those opportunities that create the greatest return to your business.
  • Offer consulting solutions to succesfully implement and realize the outcomes from your opportunities.
  • Create a workforce that is hard for your competitors to duplicate.


"I would have to rate our engagement project 10 out of 10 on the successful outcomes scale".

Having completed a one-year Employee Engagement Project with ABARIS Consulting, I am now convinced that focusing on improving employee engagement is the best technique to help deal with lingering corporate culture issues.

Simple and executable projects with measurable outcomes were carried out at a very reasonable cost, with full support from both our union and management staff.

The results are evident in improved employee engagement and some considerable break down in inter-departmental silos, which had plagued our organization for many years.

I would have to rate our engagement project 10 out of 10 on the successful outcomes scale and would highly recommend this process for smaller/mid-size organizations who are committed to improving their corporate culture, customer experience and overall employee relations.

Robert Underwood
President and CEO

Factor Gas Liquids has been working closely with Ron Robinson and ABARIS Consulting for the last 3 ½ years. Ron has worked with Factor to create and implement a yearly Employee engagement survey, the results of this yearly survey has become important in helping Factor management determine what is important to Factor employees. This information has helped us make critical changes in our policies to ensure that employees are happy and engaged overall leading to increased efficiency and productivity.

Tony Torti, CA, CPA
Chief Financial Officer

We hired ABARIS Consulting to conduct our Employee Engagement Survey, (Optimizer), and were very pleased with the outcome. The quality of the work was professional and polished, and the data gathered from the engagement survey was presented in a clear, easy to interpret manner. We thoroughly enjoyed working with Ron Robinson and would not hesitate to recommend him in this capacity.

Christina Atkinson, MA, CHRL
Director Human Resources


Let's optimize your business performance.