Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement is correlated, a precedent to significant drivers of organizational performance and can be influenced by management.

ABARIS Consulting drives performance by improving your organization's level of employee engagement. High levels of employee engagement have been correlated with reduced turnover, lower absenteeism, greater productivity, greater advocacy, improved income, less safety incidents and better customer service.

What is Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement is the extent to which employees put discretionary effort into their work, are committed to the organization’s goals and values and are motivated to contribute to its success.

For the Employer this means employees …

  • Demonstrate positive attitudes and behaviours leading to improved organizational outcomes, in a way that they trigger and reinforce one another.
  • Feel pride and loyalty, are great advocates of the organization to its customers… they give the extra effort.
  • Apply to their fullest extent their knowledge and ideas to improve the organization and are innovative about how they work.
  • Show greater commitment so fewer leave, absenteeism reduces, accident rates decline, conflicts and grievances go down and productivity increases.
  • Improve their communication and commitment to each other in achieving organizational goals.
Employee engagement is a precedent to key drivers of organizational performance and can be significantly influenced by management.

Financial Benefits of Employee Engagement

Organizations with high levels of employee engagement perform better:

  • Organizations with highly engaged employees showed 5-year shareholder returns 7X greater than those organizations with low employee engagement.1
  • Organizations with high engagement levels achieved revenue growth 2.5X those organizations with low engagement levels.2
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Employee Engagement Offerings

ABARIS Consulting provides two employee engagement offerings:

Engagement Driven Organizational Performance (EDOP) Program

Our EDOP Program is an integrated solution to improve your organizational results and produce a more sustainable competitive advantage through superior employee engagement. We minimize your work by administering our turnkey initiatives and reduce your upfront investment by delivering our EDOP program on a pay-for-performance basis. As a trusted advisor we share in the work, risks and rewards. Details

Vanguard Survey©

Our Vanguard Survey is a best practice, cost-effective employee engagement survey customized to your circumstances that uses a database of employee engagement correlated questions and is delivered in web and/or paper based formats. The Vanguard Survey measures your organization’s current level of employee engagement and identifies key opportunities for improvement. Our Vanguard Survey is delivered on a fee for service basis and we provide a discount to charitable organizations. Details