Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement is correlated, a precedent to significant drivers of organizational performance and can be influenced by management.

We drive organizational performance by improving your organization's level of employee engagement. High levels of employee engagement have been correlated with reduced turnover, lower absenteeism, greater productivity, greater advocacy, improved income, less safety incidents and better customer service.

Benefits of Employee Engagement

Organizations with high employee engagement experience better organizational performance than those with lower levels of employee engagement.

Engaged Disengaged
+ 19% Impact on operating income - 32%
70% Employees who say they know how to meet customer needs 17%
78% Employees who would recommend their company's products 13%
67% Employees who actively advocate for their organization 3%
59% Employees who say their job brings out their creativity 3%
86% Employees who say they are very often happy at work 11%
85% Employees who plan to stay with the company 3%

Organizations with high levels of employee engagement show an 87% decrease in employee departure, 37% decrease in absenteeism, 48% decrease in safety incidents, 28% decrease in shrinkage and a 41% improvement in quality compared to organizations with low levels of engagement.

Our Approach: Engagement Driven Organizational Performance (EDOP©) Program

The challenge in realizing the organizational benefits from employee engagement is not measuring it, but improving it. That’s why we created our EDOP© program. EDOP© is a systematic approach to delivering better organziational performance through improved employee engagement.

EDOP© is largely a pay-for-performance program with our compensation tied to measureable improvements in your organizational performance.

EDOP© starts with our Engagement Survey. Our Engagement Survey is confidential, reliable, (each question from our battery has specific correlations to engagement), customized to your circumstances and delivered in web-based and/or paper formats to maximize the number of employees that participate.

Engagement Survey


  • Project Launch

    Discuss your unique circumstances, timing of the survey, online and/or paper versions, number of sub-groups, unique survey questions, answer your questions and provide counsel.

  • Staff Communication

    We help determine the right approach to announcing the survey to your staff to build support and encourage participation. We provide advice and the draft email communication.

  • Sub-groups

    We provide three sub-groups as part of our process, as long as each sub-group has at least four respondents. A sub-group may for example, be based on function, location or staff level.

  • Unique Questions

    If you want to ask specific questions in the survey we will provide the wording and structure to get the information you're looking for.

  • Online or Paper

    We provide our survey as online and/or paper-based formats. Our approach is specific to your circumstances.

  • Survey Design

    We develop a draft survey for your approval that includes questions from our battery as well as your unique questions and decision regarding sub-groups.

  • Finalize Survey

    Based on your approval we finalize the survey design and establish the online and/or paper based survey and introductory communication.

  • Fast

    We have your online survey launched within 24 hours of your sign-off.


  • Launch Survey

    We launch the anonymous online survey via email to each employee and/or attend your offices to complete the paper-based survey.

  • Undeliverable Emails

    We advise you of any undeliverable emails so you may provide alternative contact information so we can resend the survey invitation.

  • Survey Administration

    Throughout the survey process we answer questions from employees regarding the survey or process.

  • Response Management

    We send regular and periodic email reminders to employees to encourage participation. We provide you regular updates on the response rate.


  • Data Compilation

    Whether using an online and/or paper-based survey we compile the results to allow for analysis by organization and sub-groups.

  • Engagement Drivers

    We apply various analytical techniques within our models to uncover the specific employee engagement drivers for your organization so you can focus action on those areas with the greatest potential impact.

  • Verbatim Reporting

    Comments are reported on a compiled, anonymous and confidential basis after being scrubbed to eliminate individual identifiers.

  • Sub-group Reporting

    We provide up to three sub-groups as part of our reporting and deliver results by sub-group for each question.

  • High-Impact Recommendations

    Based on your survey results and our experience we provide best practice high-impact, actionable recommendations.

  • Survey Report

    The final report is provided electronically to you in PDF and reviewed with you by phone or Skype.

  • Staff Communication

    To facilitate your communication with staff we provide you with an MS PowerPoint presentation of your survey results.

  • Year-to-Year Comparison

    As we conduct your survey each year we provide results for the current year and provide comparison with the previous two years.

Survey Options

You can customize our Engagement Survey to your specific requirements by incorporating any, or all, of the following options.

  • Client Action Meeting (CAM)

    A consultant facilitated session with your leadership / management team to develop a realistic Management Action Plan (MAP) specific to your circumstances.

  • Management Action Plan (MAP)

    A customized electronic interactive MS Excel MAP, (tasks, timelines & responsibilities), is provided to you on a USB stick at the conclusion of the CAM.

  • Staff Communication

    The MS PowerPoint presentation is updated with the key milestones from the MAP and provided to you at the conclusion of the CAM.

  • Text Analysis

    All comments are reported verbatim on an anonymous and confidential basis. We use our qualitative data analysis software to deliver additional insight.

  • Additional Sub-group Reporting

    We provide up to three sub-groups as part of our reporting. Additional sub-groups can be included in our survey and reporting.


As part of our EDOP© program we provide a variety of services to help you improve your level of employee engagement and ultimately your organizational performance.

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