Not For Profits

Not-for-profit organizations consist of charities, associations, guilds, foundations, unions and museums, to name a few. Regardless of the type of not-for-profit, all work with a Board of Directors, have a variety of stakeholders, often with competing needs or goals, balance long term direction with short term program delivery, often confront funding challenges to sustain operational capacity and may be challenged to recruit and retain talented staff. These are above and beyond the day-to-day operational issues of the organization and reliance on volunteers.

At ABARIS Consulting we understand your world and the challenges you face in delivering upon your mission. We recognize that engagements are often initiated by staff and involve working with volunteers, either as board members or as stakeholders. We realize that the project needs to add practical value quickly and the process needs to be both efficient and effective. We also understand that many not-for-profits do not have the funding capacity of the private sector.

In all our work with you, we are mindful of the financial considerations, the importance of your staff and volunteer time and the need to add value quickly. Consequently, we tailor our services to meet your circumstances and apply a facilitative approach to build stakeholder buy-in.

To achieve your goals we bring proven frameworks, tools, considerable experience and work with you to build a strong, long-term trusted advisor relationship.

We are passionate about our work; the value we deliver and helping our Clients achieve results. We have conducted projects with a large variety of not-for-profit organizations. I invite you to call and speak with us, tell us about your successes and challenges, get to know us and learn first-hand how we can assist.