Private Companies Projects

Since our founding in 1999 we have been fortunate to work with a wide range of private companies. We build long-term mutually beneficial relationships with our clients that allow us the privilege of working with them on multiple projects over the years and developing a trusted-advisor relationship.

We have outlined below a few of the organizations and types of work that we have undertaken.

Elevator Distribution & Installation Company

Our client is a distributor of private elevators and lift assistance devices with offices in Canada and about 50 FTE. We worked with the client to conduct market research to better understand customer key buying criteria, conducted an organizational assessment, developed strategy and implemented the strategy which involved change management, organizational structure, roles and responsibilities and development of performance measures.

Liquid Petroleum Gas Marketing Firm

Our client is a full-service marketer of Liquid Petroleum Gases, providing a wide range of products around the world with offices located within both Canada and the United States. We worked with the client to evaluate the current organization, develop a long-term strategy an action plan to implement the strategy, specific objectives and measures of performance and provided support during the implementation and subsequently worked with the client to develop their corporate marketing plan.

Farm Equipment Dealer

Our client is a regional tractor and agricultural dealer with over 25 staff. Assisted the client with the negotiation and structuring of its amalgamation with 3 other independent dealers (previously competitors) into a single organization. Worked with the key stakeholders of the organizations to develop a common vision to support the amalgamation, governance structure and processes to address internal conflict and reach agreement on each shareholder's primary role and responsibilities within the amalgamated company.

Full Service Design-Build Company

Our client is a full service design build contractor, constructing quality Industrial, Commercial, Institutional, Residential and Agricultural construction projects, employing about 30 staff. Worked with the client do undertake an organizational assessment and start the processes for the succession of the founder over the next 5 years. Assessed the skills and interests of the current management team, worked with the owner through development of personal and business goals and understanding of his competencies, role within the business and culture of the organization.

Remote Monitoring Company

Our client designs, assembles, installs and maintains an integrated 24/7 remote monitoring system that records real time imagery that can be linked into your project management planning process. Worked with the client to develop a marketing strategy and implementation plan to focus and build its customer and market reach.

Consumer Goods Manufacturer and Distributor

Our client is a manufacturer and distributor of custom satellite covers with hundreds of sports teams, colleges and universities. Developed a business case to assist in building its network of licensed distributors throughout the United States.

Diversified Manufacturer and Distributor

Our client started operations about 50 years ago and currently employs about 200 people and offers rubber stamps, pre-inked stamps, industrial marking equipment, engraving signs, commercial artwork, flexography, printing plates and designs and manufactures specialized real estate software. We conducted an in-depth organizational assessment that identified the strategic issues inhibiting the company's growth. We worked with the client to understand the interrelationship of the strategic issues, help prioritize them and outline an action plan to address them.

Structural Steel and Fabrication Company

Our client employs about 50 staff and offers a full range of structural steel and fabrication services with a focus on more complex projects that require and end-to-end solution. We conducted an interest based negotiation and facilitation process focused to facilitate the smooth and successful exit strategy of key management and owners of the business.

Real Estate Advisory Company

Our client is a real estate advisory and service company with over 1,000 employees and offices located throughout Canada and the United States. We designed the facilitative process to allow the client to achieve their objectives of open communication, insightful perspectives and engagement through a series staff facilitation sessions.

Construction Industry Related Company

Our client is in the construction industry with over 100 employees and serves the residential, agricultural, commercial and industrial markets. ABARIS Consulting worked with the client to develop a company Employee Share Ownership Plan (ESOP) that was supported by both staff and shareholders. We assisted the client in developing the parameters of the ESOP, established a staff working committee and facilitated the design of the ESOP between the staff working committee and existing shareholders. In facilitating the development of the ESOP, we obtained specific legal and tax support from the client's lawyer and accountant.

Full Service Sign Company

Our client is a family owned and operated full service Sign Company that designs, manufactures, installs and services a large variety of illuminated and non-illuminated signage. We coached the owner to better understand the financial drivers of the business, developed a pricing system, and amended staff roles and responsibilities to facilitate sales growth.

Information Technology and Service Firm

Our client is a premier developer and trainer in Filemaker and web-software solutions. We worked with the management team to establish a Strategic Foundation that established the framework within which to develop a strategic marketing plan. Conducted an on-line customer survey and facilitated senior management team meetings. A Strategic Foundation was developed that was supported by the senior management team and used to guide the development of their strategic marketing plan.

Professional Recruitment Firm

Our client is a small rural recruitment firm focused on providing fully trained technical and mechanical labor to manufacturing companies. The firm is owned and operated by three partners. We worked with our client to help improve their overall competitive position. To achieve this we worked with our client to understand their customers' key buying criteria, their basis of competition, existing capabilities and develop a value proposition. This information was used to build a marketing and sales plan with defined tasks, responsibilities and associated timelines.

Public Relations and Communications Agency

Our client is a boutique communications firm with about a dozen staff that deliver corporate and web video, graphic art and public awareness campaigns. We worked with the client to establish an exit strategy. Our work involved interviews with the management team, an organizational culture assessment, establishing the personal, business and ownership goals of the current shareholder and key management that provided the information to develop a comprehensive exit plan.