Mars Program

Our Mars Program is a business strategy solution that enables leaders, teams and individuals to embrace, manage and benefit from change. We help you work better together to design, execute and leverage business strategies and improve results. We establish, execute and sustain critical management practices within your business that drives performance.

What differentiates ABARIS Consulting from other management consulting firms is that we get involved, we stay involved and we tie our compensation to the results you achieve. As a trusted advisor we speak truth to power, we share in the work, risk and rewards … we are a true partner.

Our Mars Program is a comprehensive, integrated solution that is tailored to your business circumstances. Within your tailored process we…

  • Facilitate team meetings to design, leverage and sustain effective business strategies that support strategic alignment and eliminate “silos”. These facilitated meetings deliver agreement on goals, targets, measures, timelines, initiatives, Roadmap and scorecards, help communicate the strategy and clarify team and individual responsibilities for executing effectively.
  • Build ownership and accountability throughout the business so employees are motivated, engaged and apply discretionary effort.
  • Track and challenge teams and entrench employee and customer feedback processes aligned with your business strategy.
  • Rigorously help monitor, measure and reward what gets done.

Our logical sequence of processes imbeds critical management practices for executing effectively. Your business strategy stays relevant through the systematic incorporation of timely and credible customer, (i.e. external stakeholder), and employee feedback. Consequently, our processes help build a culture of continuous improvement.

As a result, the measurable performance of your business will increase and be more sustainable.

Mars Program Process

ABARIS Consulting helps you design, effectively execute and leverage a strategy that drives business performance. As a trusted advisor we work with your teams and managers through the four stages of our management process. Each stage in logical sequence helps get the right things done to achieve measurable results.

Mars Program Features

A few features of our Mars Program that help drive sustainable business performance.

ABARIS conducts relevant analysis based on business needs. Our proprietary analysis tools include:
  • Business environment (external)
  • Business capability (internal)
  • Business potential (gap analysis)
Strategy Design
  • ABARIS facilitates strategy meetings to review results of the analysis and design vision, mission, values, goals, measures, targets, timelines and initiatives.
  • Builds ownership, accountability and motivation.
Employee Engagement
  • Our Vanguard Survey© identifies key drivers of engagement & high impact opportunities.
  • Credible information enables data-driven decisions to improve engagement.
  • ABARIS administers the survey, identifies opportunities and facilitates decisions.
  • Team created Roadmap that includes tasks, timelines & responsibilities.
  • ABARIS facilitates Roadmap development so your teams own them.
  • Results in clear roles & responsibilities, aligned goals, progress tracking, improved communication & reduced risk.
  • ABARIS manages the Roadmap through our online project management tool.
Employee Feedback
  • Our online turnkey employee suggestion program, Great Ideas©, provides ideas to support continuous business improvement.
  • Aligns employee feedback with business strategy.
  • ABARIS administers your employee feedback process.
Customer Feedback
  • Through our customer panel, Foresight©, ABARIS obtains timely, credible information aligned with your business strategy.
  • Engages customers & provides forward-looking metrics.
  • ABARIS administers your Foresight© process.
Continuous Improvement
  • ABARIS works with your teams to execute our turnkey continuous improvement process, Ever Better©, within existing management practices.
  • Scorecards developed by your teams are linked to the Roadmap and hardwired to the reward system.
  • ABARIS facilitates meetings so teams own the scorecards.
  • Measures, monitors and rewards what gets done.
PulseWatch© Surveys
  • PulseWatch© surveys are short surveys periodically and regularly administered by ABARIS to provide a quick and effective measure of employee engagement.
Team Coaching
  • Based on the results from the Vanguard Survey© and Effective Teams© assessment, ABARIS coaches management teams to better engage employees and manage for results.
  • Builds manager’s engagement capabilities – a primary influencer of employee engagement.

Clients best served by our Mars Program

Clients that are best served by ABARIS Consulting through our Mars Program believe or come to believe that:

  1. Results are more important than reports.
  2. An organized and integrated solution will always achieve more than an ad-hoc approach.
  3. Strategy is a management process… not at ad-hoc episodic event.
  4. Trusted advisors work best as partners and share in the work, risk and rewards.
  5. Decisions are supported with credible information… not just intuition.
  6. Employee commitment is critical to effective execution.
  7. Highly skilled facilitation and conflict resolution improves the efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of decision-making.
  8. Strategy is a living direction that requires an effective process for monitoring and adjustment to remain relevant.
  9. Execution requires a specific set of behaviors and management practices that organizations can master to achieve competitive advantage.