Government Projects

Since our founding in 1999 we have been fortunate to work with a wide range of government and publicly-funded organizations. We build long-term mutually beneficial relationships with our clients that allow us the privilege of working with them on multiple projects over the years and developing a trusted-advisor relationship.

We have outlined below a few of the organizations and types of work that we have undertaken.

Provincial Agency

Our client is a partnership between five provincial associations funded by two Provincial Ministries. They provide highly specialized training to staff in hundreds of agencies that serve a specific high-risk and vulnerable population. ABARIS Consulting was engaged to conduct market research to answer the following key questions; what your target population's current training needs, preferred method to deliver training, identify the barriers the target population faces in accessing training, the role our client could play in delivering the needed training and the preferred methods of paying for the training. Our process consisted of exploratory research, designing and testing the survey tool, administering the survey, compiling, coding and analyzing the data and writing the report which included the methodology, sample, survey tool, results and our recommendations.

Municipal Housing Provider

Our client is a nonprofit housing provider that manages over 1,900 units in more than 30 locations with an estimated value of over $160 million. The client undertook a survey of tenants to better understand their perspectives and use this information to improve their overall performance. ABARIS Consulting was engaged to work with staff to develop possible strategies to address the key issues highlighted in the survey and determine how to better connect their value principles with the way they work.

Public Service Financial Organization

Our client is a financial service organization with offices throughout the country that offer financial and consulting solutions to small and medium sized businesses. ABARIS Consulting was engaged to help develop a standardized strategic planning process and associated analysis tools that their consulting division could use in working with their clients. The process and complementary analysis tools consisted of an integrated approach to environmental analysis, organizational and competitor analysis to establish priorities, objectives, performance metrics and process for translating the developed strategy into day-to-day operations.

Public Service Health Based Research Centre

Our client is a hospital-based research centre that helps people live healthier lives by advancing knowledge of how to prevent, diagnose and treat disease by utilizing bench, clinical and imaging data to create mathematical models of disease risk. ABARIS Consulting designed and facilitated a one-day planning session for staff. We facilitated the development of a vision statement, key objectives, established the organizational competencies and determined the key themes and associated projects for each of the next 3-years along with an associated action plan to support implementation.

Emergency Medical Service Provider

Our client is an Emergency Medical Service that provides 24-hour response by delivering out-of-hospital medical care and transport to those individuals suffering injury or illness. Our client has over 300 paramedics and support staff and operates a fleet of about 59 vehicles. ABARIS Consulting was engaged to design and deliver a one-day training workshop on Project Management. The training program was delivered to over 20 staff and focused on learning the skills to build an effective project plan. In groups of five, the participants worked through a simple and scalable project methodology. Each participant was provided a training binder with the process, tools and templates. A CD-ROM with all the templates used during the day was also provided to each participant.

Public University

Our client is a public university that was founded in the 1800's and offers a variety of Bachelors and Master's degree programs with over 110 faculty and staff. ABARIS Consulting was engaged to develop a customized one-day staff development workshop that helped improve the staff's communication, team decision-making processes and understanding and personal relevance to the University's vision.

Public Service Health Organization

Our client is a not-for-profit national research and education centre with a focus on research and program development for improved physical ability and healthy aging for older adults. ABARIS Consulting was engaged to facilitate the development of a five-year strategic plan for the organization. The process consisted of a stakeholder survey and several facilitated sessions. The group used the survey results and pre-reading materials as base information for the facilitated review of their organization that included the determination of the strategic drivers and organizational core competencies. This analysis allowed the group to establish the organization's vision, mission and values strategic priorities and measurable and time-limited objectives. ABARIS Consulting designed the survey, administered it, compiled the results and wrote the report. Developed in conjunction with our client the pre-reading materials and designed and facilitated the process. We documented the meeting and provided the client with a draft strategic plan and one-page summary that we call a Strategic Profile.

Community Futures Development Corporation

Our client is a CFDC that provides financing, business counseling, self-employment programs and community economic development with a focus on small business with 1 to 20 employees. ABARIS Consulting worked with the CFDC to develop a 5-year strategic plan that identified by sector and geographic area, key strategies and related well-defined projects that provided for sustainable economic and social development. We also established an evaluation framework to assist the Board in conducting an annual assessment of the CFDC's progress. The project included primary and secondary research, analysis and synthesis of data, facilitated decision-making sessions, development of a draft plan, facilitated stakeholder review and input on the draft plan and development of the final plan and as associated communication strategy and action plan.