EDOP© Program

Our EDOP Program is an integrated employee engagement solution that enables leaders to improve organizational performance and build a sustainable competitive advantage through their employees. We help you measure, execute and leverage key drivers of employee engagement to improve and sustain organizational results.

What differentiates ABARIS Consulting from other management consulting firms is that we get involved, we stay involved and we tie our compensation to the results you achieve. We share in the work, risk and rewards… we are a true partner. We are a trusted advisor.

Our EDOP Program is a comprehensive, integrated solution that is tailored to your circumstances. As part of our EDOP program we…

  • Conduct our Vanguard Survey to measure employee engagement and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Facilitate and support staff communication within a unified approach to managing change.
  • Assess manager and team engagement competencies and execute coaching for improvement.
  • Facilitate team meetings to build agreement, ownership and clarity regarding responsibilities for initiatives to improve employee engagement.
  • Manage initiatives through the Roadmap and administer our best practice turnkey programs for employee suggestions (Great Ideas) and recognition (Extra Mile).
  • Administer the Roadmap through our online project management tool to support, track and enable individuals and teams to deliver upon agreed initiatives.

The logical sequence of our EDOP Program imbeds critical management practices and behaviors for improving and sustaining employee engagement.

As a result, the measurable performance of your organization will improve and be more sustainable.

EDOP© Program Process

As a trusted advisor we deliver an integrated solution that helps get the right things done to improve performance.

EDOP© Program Features

A few features of our EDOP Program that help improve performance through employee engagement.

  • Sustainable Advantage

    New products, lower cost structure and the latest technology provide only a temporary advantage. An engaged workforce drives financial performance and provides a more sustainable competitive advantage.

  • Key Differentiator

    ABARIS’s pay-for-performance approach to employee engagement is unique in the industry and includes our best practice assessment tools, the Vanguard Survey, 360° Insight Survey and Effective Teams assessment as well as our turnkey Great Ideas and Extra Mile programs that have been demonstrated to improve employee engagement.

  • Rigorous Metrics

    ABARIS’s EDOP program is measured annually through our Vanguard Survey and ROI Calculator, quarterly through our PulseWatch Surveys and monthly through agreed KPI’s and our administration of the Roadmap.

  • Vanguard Survey©

    ABARIS’s proprietary Vanguard Survey uses a database of best practice employee engagement correlated questions within a framework that identifies high impact opportunities.

  • Effective Teams©

    Effective Teams is our proprietary team assessment that provides credible feedback to establish the basis for effective coaching.

  • 360° Insight Survey©

    ABARIS’s 360° Insight Survey is a credible and practical 360° feedback process for managers and establishes the basis for effective coaching.

  • Roadmap

    We facilitate discussion with the management team to establish key initiatives to improve employee engagement and administer those initiatives, through our online project management tool – the Roadmap.

  • Great Ideas©

    Through the Roadmap we administer our online turnkey Employee Suggestion Program (Great Ideas). Our Great Ideas program reduces the time and cost to implement a best practice Employee Suggestion Program within your organization. Our Great Ideas program provides relevant employee ideas to improve performance and build a culture of continuous improvement.

  • Coaching

    Key to improving employee engagement is building and applying the skills and behaviors of your managers and management team. Coaching programs are established based on the results of our Vanguard and 360° Insight Surveys and Effective Teams assessment and is delivered by ABARIS.

  • Extra Mile©

    Through the Roadmap we administer our turnkey Employee Recognition Program (Extra Mile). Our Extra Mile program reduces the time and cost to implement a best practice Employee Recognition Program within your organization.

  • PulseWatch Survey©

    PulseWatch Surveys are 3-minute surveys administered by ABARIS Consulting quarterly and provide a quick and effective measure of employee engagement.

  • ABARIS Client Resources

    Our coaching is supported through our online client resource database of articles, tools, templates and worksheets.

Clients best served by our EDOP© Program

Clients that are best served by ABARIS Consulting through our EDOP Program believe or come to believe that:

  1. Results are more important than reports.
  2. Employee engagement is a precedent to key drivers of organizational performance and that those drivers can be significantly influenced by management.
  3. An organized and integrated solution will always achieve more than an ad-hoc approach.
  4. Trusted advisors work as partners and share in the work, risk and rewards.
  5. Decisions are supported with credible information… not just intuition.
  6. Achieving commitment to a solution is critical to implementation.
  7. People, as individuals and teams, are a key source of competitive advantage.